Cocktail Video Shoot and Edit

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Cocktails anyone? Watch now, drink later.

Its 5 o’clock somewhere right? Well lets hope when you get there you have an attack plan. If you don’t then this cocktail video shoot might push you in the right direction. This is one video in a series of eight. We shot these on the super 35 Sony FS-100 and the a6000 mirror-less camera.  Video edit was produced  in-house at Big Box Pro Video Productions using Vegas Pro editing software.

Cocktail Video Transcript:

Hi I’m Vianney Rodriguez from sweet life bake dot com and co-author of the new Cocktail Book Latin twist. Today I want to share with you an iced coffee cocktail. My iced coffee cocktail is made with Cafe de Olla, a traditional Mexican style coffee brewed in clay pots that is seasoned with  piloncillo and cinnamon. It is so good. Here’s how to make it. Fill a glass with ice, add one ounce coffee liqueur, and half a cup Cafe de Olla. Top with a splash of cream. Stir to combine and garnish with grated cinnamon. I hope you enjoy this iced coffee cocktail. For more cocktail recipes visit

We had a great time working with Vianney. This was the 2nd time to shot video of her cocktail recipes. The previous video shoot was two-fold. One shot was uses to promote her new book and the other was used for quick instagram drink teasers. The video previously shot can be seen here:

The video teaser that corresponds to the YouTube clip posted above can be seen here. – 

Iced Cafe de Olla Cocktail Video


Another round please!

Be on the look out for the rest of this series of Latin themed cocktails by Vianney Rodriguez of Sweet Life Bake.

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