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June 2015 – San Angelo Texas Corporate Production Shoot

When we were approached by Embraer Executive Jets to shoot one of its corporate jets. The subject jet was the Phenom 300. This project was for shooting and sending the raw footage to be edited in house by Embraer’s marketing department. All video was shot at Ranger Air in San Angelo, Texas. There were two parts to the shoot. First, we interviewed the pilot. He explained why the Phenom was the perfect jet for his company. After the interview we had a brief time with the plane. The 2nd part of the shoot was strictly for b-roll. Our long camera slider came in handy for the interior cabin video shots. What I wouldn’t give to have a 1/2 or a full day to shoot beauty shots of the plane.


Equipment used on this corporate video production:

We shot the interview with a Sony FS100 and a Sony a6000 for the b-cam. Main camera had the Rokinon 85mm and 2nd cam held the 35mm Rokinon. The fs100 doubled as the audio recorder. We feed a lapel mic and a shotgun on the boom into the camera.
Lighting was covered with a Lowel DV-Creator kit. We modified the Tota light using a 20×24 hot softbox. This was the fill light. Our Key was the Omni with light diffusion. The Pro light sat in for our hair light. Outdoor we used natural light.

This was a fun corporate shoot to be a part of. We think Embraer for having us out. The in-house media team did a great job on the final cut. Great job team.

If you are in need of video to be shot an sent to your editing team, please contact Big Box Pro Video Productions at 361-883-4227.

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