First job of the year – Deposition Video

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Legal Deposition Video

Today marks the first day of production for Big Box Pro.

Since depo video is not great to look at, we thought we would share a photo of blue sky over Corpus Christi.

The video setup puts us in the conference room at Welder Leshin, LLP at 800 North Shoreline Boulevard.

Overflow Deposition

The city of Corpus Christi is not the quickest place to get to. We often take jobs listed as “overflow” or “out of town” work.

So if you have a case requiring deposition video shoots in the coastal bend area please reach out to Big Box Pro Videos Productions.

Legal Inspections

On many occasions there are case exhibits that are so large you can’t physically bring them into a deposition or a court room trial. In the event of an off-site inspection, video can be a great way to document important parts of your case.

Have a great year,

Derrick Perrin with Big Box Pro


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