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Want to hire someone to shoot your raw video? Big Box Pro will Shoot and Burn – Raw Video.

Corpus Christi is not an easy place to travel to so we are here to help. Let Big Box Pro Video Productions handle your video shooting so you don’t have to travel. We are often hired to shoot and send, or shoot and burn raw video projects. This is the process of videotaping your shoot and uploading the video clips to a server, or shipping up a thumb-drive.

Here is a sample of a video shoot at the Camden Breaker apartment complex:

In this production we worked with the in-house marketing director from Houston, TX. After the day long shoot we delivered the footage on a hard drive. The in-house editing staff took care of the rest. We think they did a great job on the final cut.

If you want to be a part of the shoot without being physically being there, ask us about using skype / facetime during the video shoot.

Shoot and Burn – Raw Video

So if you are in need of a video crew who can shoot raw footage and send it directly to you, please contact Big Box Pro Video Productions today. 361-883-4227

In this video shot for The Progressive Farmer – DTN we spent an hour at Mr. Miller’s farm. We were able to FTP the raw clips to the editor so they could complete the edit. We would like to credit Eddie Seal Photography  and to Rob Lagerstrom for the edit. A Sony FS-100 Super 35mm Digital Motion Camcorder was used for the shoot.

Thanks for watching, and hiring us to shoot your raw video.

Big Box Pro will shoot and burn raw video straight to your editor.

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