Slow Motion Booth

Your next party will be a success when you add a slow motion photo booth. Please watch and see for yourself. Imaging you and your friends having a ball while being captured in slow motion.

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Shoot and Burn – Raw Video Videographer

Want to hire someone to shoot your raw video? Big Box Pro will Shoot and Burn – Raw Video.

Corpus Christi is not an easy place to travel to so we are here to help. Let Big Box Pro Video Productions handle your video shooting so you don’t have to travel. We are often hired to shoot and send, or shoot and burn raw video projects. This is the process of videotaping your shoot and uploading the video clips to a server, or shipping up a thumb-drive.

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Video Production – Interview

Sample Video Interview Productions

Big Box Pro Video Productions is fully capable of shooting video for your website. Either a product demonstration or an interview of the owner, we have the skills to handle the production. Please watch this quick clip from a local community developer in Port Aransas, Texas

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Cold Weather Video Shoot

Alice, Texas – Gulf Coast Federal Credit Union Video Shoot

On a cold day in January we worked for Gulf Coast Federal Credit Union in Alice, Texas. Most of the video work was shot indoors, but we also needed shots of the outdoor sign. When I steeped out to shoot the signage it was 39 and when I was done and got back to check it was 37. Sure, not cold numbers if you live up north, but for south Texas it was plenty chilly.

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Wedding Video

As a video production company in Corpus Christi, we produce a lot of different content. Here are some samples of our family videos.

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