Video Connections with your employees 

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Employers connect with their employees, and they do it better with video. If you can see the featured image here you can read the roadmap on how to connect with your employees.  

Set it on fire:

This client here has a product to demonstrate to the crews they work with. This Lo/Fi approach did just that. Sure they had to catch some things of fire in order to get the video done, but it works.

CEO, Me, wants to make money. Okay. Realizes video is huge. We start livecasting out confrences begining with Cokeacola. I knew this was the way of the future. There is a huge learning curve.

Mike Ragan – CEO Ragan Communications and Ragan Consulting Group at IBM Cloud Video

So if you are wanting to keep your video internal, or blast it to the world, we have you covered. Please reach out to Big Box Pro Video Productions and let us make a game plan with you. 2018 will be here quick! Get a jump on it. -Derrick

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